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Just wanted to show off the design my good friend Michael from D-magic has been working on. Should be just putting the final touches on it and will be ready for the second half of the drift seadon. Now i just need to find someplace to print everything tbat hopefully won’t cost an arm and leg. When i think of cool sporty D1SL car i think of tbe awesome graphics scheme so this has been a dream of mine to make it happen on my ride for a while and complete the transformation.  So pumped right now! Thanksreceived_10206888113944299 received_10206888230147204

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Summer Streets

Not much been going on lately as far as drift events so i have been cruising around, hanging out, and going to some local meets with friends.11714482_10204790578860412_792515530_n 11694369_10204790578220396_597876418_n 11668007_10204790577620381_1070414252_n 11696582_10204790579540429_556995029_n 11651091_10204790580780460_1376172925_n 11652076_10204790580700458_1383068740_n 11696835_10204790579020416_921393226_n

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Culture Clash

CC pic 1 CC pic 2 Trying to tuck 265s ;^)

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Scuff marks


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gramlight fever

Collected a full set of white gramlight 57d, finally 17×9 and 18×9.5 I’ve had a few pairs in the past but had to sell, glad to have gotten some again and plan on hanging on to them this time haha.

Rays fam


Mount up


Went and drove around some with the new look, white on white frosty

received_10204361646257365 received_10204360720274216 received_10204361645297341 received_10204360720034210 received_10204361646657375

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new lid

I purchased a new helmet. I had an older Arai previously that was getting pretty worn out. I bought it back in 2008 I think and it was red to match my old red kouki, now with a white car I wanted a gloss white helmet to match haha. It is a HJC fg-17 model and I also ordered a mirrored silver visor that is on the way ;^) received_10204361644817329

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Comic sans

A friend surprised me by showing me he had sketched out an awesome characture drawing of my car. Im excited, can’t wait to choose a frame and put it up on the wall.


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